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The Cow House Story

     The Cow House story actually starts over 100 years ago when owner Josh Boatwright’s family acquired the land where he was raised and continues to farm and ranch today. Over the years, the family has relied heavily on used equipment that required regular maintenance and repairs. The trials and frustrations of this approach pushed Boatwright to invest in the skid steer attachment business that is now Cow House Equipment Sales


     “This brand, CID (Construction Implement Depot) is some of the toughest equipment I've ever owned or operated. I trust it to do what I need it to do without worrying about it breaking down on me. As a family, we farm and ranch over 2000 acres and everyday there's a use for different attachments and equipment,” says Boatwright.


     Cow House also offers used equipment pieces for its customers. “Our equipment that we use on our farm is always second hand whether it be a tractor, baler, skid steer, dozer, or trucks and everything in between. We have always been taught how to find a problem and then fix it, so in turn that's what we do here at Cow House Equipment with our used equipment. If it's a problem, we fix it and then pass it on.”


     Come on out to the store today to see what all Cow House has to offer! 

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